February 21, 2008


Well, this week, we must first get to the CATCH OF THE WEEK! We welcomed our newest grandson, Brody, into the world last Friday and couldn't be more excited. I already gave him his first fishing rod and reel, but I guess he will just have to grow into it. Congratulations to Dena and Rick for such a wonderful grandson!

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Grandma and Pop with grandson, Brody!

We had some very nice weather most of the past week and some good fishing adventures out on the Indian River. I had Kyle Collins and his five year old son, Kameron, along with Grandfather Bernie earlier in the week. It was such a joy watching Kameron's excitement while he battled numerous fish to the boat. It was a great day out there. Todd and Rhonda Monzeglio joined me this week and they caught 40 plus trout on the flats. Louie and Louis Natale along with Dave Backer also had some great action with 40 plus trout around the Indian River flats. It was a fantastic week to be on the water!

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Five year old Kameron won his battle with this ladyfish!

Trout action really heated up this week. Warmer water around some areas of the river helped get the trout active. Most were caught on DOA CAL shad tails or jerk baits in lighter colors on the grass flats. Remember........fish them slowly! Dave topped the catch with a nice 24", while most were in the 14 - 16" range. It was a fast and furious bit of action. Live shrimp on popping corks and jerk baits were our best producers out there. We fished both north and south of Fort Pierce on grass flats that were 3 - 4 feet deep.

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Bernie took home a nice 3 pound pompano for dinner...

Snook action has been mostly a nighttime affair with the turning basin, bridges and jetties the best place to fish. Pinfish, live shrimp or feather jigs have been the hottest options. Charles Galley reported catching five nice snook up to 41". He is still trying to get that magic slot size landed! As the water warms up, look for action to continue.

Redfish are still on the flats, but need the temps to warm up a little to become more active. It won't be long and they will be out there hungry and chasing your lures again. Look for them up on the shallows as the sun warms up. Flounder have been around the river this week. Louie boated a nice 4 pounder for dinner and we landed another 12" one that day. Pompano are still out there also. Bernie boated a 3 pounder for dinner also. It's been a good week and provided lots of fun.

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Kameron also caught this trout on the flats....

Bridges have held black drum, sheephead and snapper. Live or dead shrimp will get you some of that action. The SURF has been mostly whiting and pompano. The pomp bite has been much better this year and lots of anglers have been enjoying the tasty table fare. Shrimp and sand fleas are the best baits out there.

Tip of the Week:

Water temperatures have a noted affect on fish during winter and early spring. Look for the warmer water out there. It can change due to weather, tides and temperatures, so be prepared to look for other places. Cooler water can make fish lethargic and less likely to feed. The trout bite was hot where the water had warmed up to the mid 70's. It's hard to say where to fish as it changes often each day. A simple pool thermometer can give you enough information on where to fish or when to move on. Have fun out there!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

email: captaincharlie@fishtalescharter.com