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ST. CROIX ROD: Spinning Glass

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ST. CROIX ROD: Spinning Glass - 07/10/18 06:19 PM

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St. Croix Starts Spinning Glass
Legend Glass series adds the perfect spinning rod for smaller crankbaits and lighter line

America’s most eccentric rod engineers have struck again, answering the call for a spinning version of the immensely popular Legend Glass.

St. Croix’s Legend Glass rod series took home top freshwater rod honors at ICAST 2016 for blending classic fiberglass feel to modern IPC® mandrel technology with a blank made of super premium, 100% linear S-glass. For nearly two years, anglers have raved about the lightweight, sensitive feel of Legend Glass, while St. Croix’s Wisconsin manufacturing facility kicked into overdrive to supply the feverish demand.

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Crankbait anglers from coast-to-coast are fawning over Legend Glass, and the new 7’2” medium power, moderate action spinning model (LGS72MM) now puts the power to launch small and midsized baits in your grasp. The newest Legend Glass model is the perfect partner for windy days or situations that call for lighter baits delivered with both distance and accuracy. An open water specialist, the LGS72MM is designed to handle small-to-medium crankbaits, including square bills and similarly sized bladed jigs, and excels with midrange, standard lip crankbaits that dive to depths of 16 feet.

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“When you grip a Legend Glass rod, you immediately note its weight — uncharacteristically light for a glass rod,” says St. Croix Rod’s Promotions Manager Rich Belanger. “When you cast and retrieve a crankbait through cover, and set hooks into a big bass, what really strikes you are the rod’s balance, backbone, and that familiar St. Croix feel factor.”

“Legend Glass spinning is going to be a go-to rod for folks that throw light crankbaits on light line, especially the thin profile baits that tend to tumble when cast on rods that are too stiff,” says St. Croix’s Dan Johnston. “The blank bends down enough to protect very light fluorocarbon line with a light crankbait which is something anglers have been looking for.”

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“That linear S-glass on the IPC mandrel made Legend Glass arguably the best fiberglass bass rod ever put on the market,” Johnston adds. “The fact that we just put it on a spinning rod is really exciting. It’s cool to be able to finally throw thin-profile lightweight cranks on lightweight line.”

Legend Glass rods employ Fuji® K-Series tangle-free guides with Alconite® rings and Corrosion Control™ (CC™) matte finish frames that are ideal for all line types. The new spinning rod features a Fuji DPS reel seat with frosted silver hoods matched to a split-grip/super-grade cork handle and Kigan hook-keeper. Legend Glass rods feature a 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. Retail on the new LGS72MM is $260.

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