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BASS JIGS AND MORE - 03/17/14 06:12 PM

BASS JIGS AND MORE from www.jigs4bass.com . All baits are made with exclusively Mustad hooks (jigs are 2X heavy wire hooks) and quality components, 50 strand count full skirts, trailer keeper, weed guard and heads are powder painted and baked for durability. Best prices and quality you will find anywhere. I offer:

Football Head Jigs $2.19 each
Swim Jigs $2.19 each
Pitch/Flip Jigs $2.19 each
Bladed Swim Jigs (Chatter) $3.59 each
Switch Blade Jigs $3.49 each
Buzz Baits $3.79 each
Jig heads and shakey heads $.99 each
Bass Umbrella Rigs (Alabama) $8.99 each
Replacement Skirts and more!

And all of this in a wide variety of color patterns. Forms of payment: personal check, credit card, paypal and money order and all baits are made at the time of your order.

When you visit my store at www.jigs4bass.com take a minute and register….it will make your next order much easier. Thanks….Michael www.jigs4bass.com
Posted By: Michael

Re: BASS JIGS AND MORE - 03/26/14 10:42 PM

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