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www.jigs4bass.com: NEW .. SWIM JIG (BIG & TOUGH)

Posted By: Michael

www.jigs4bass.com: NEW .. SWIM JIG (BIG & TOUGH) - 10/20/16 06:03 AM

www.jigs4bass.com: SWIM JIGS (BIG & TOUGH)

A new line of swim jigs ( BIG AND TOUGH LINE ) in addition to our standard and tournament line of swim jigs. How is it different than the two current lines and what application does the new line of swim jig offer?

[b][/b] The new line (" BIG AND TOUGH ") has the same quality components and hand craftsmanship incorporated into each jig.....BUT... The jig is built on a flipping hook .. ultra-point, 2X heavy wire , 30 degree hook in the wide gap style (Opti-Angle Needle Point, chemically sharpened, Nor-Tempered, round bend, black nickel). Offered in weights 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2 ounce and all three weights in a 5/0 hook size. This is the same wire size I use to craft my football and flipn/ pitchn jigs. .. both super tough!

New innovations in bass fishing have developed in the last several years and one of the biggest is the new Braid super lines. These have allowed us to fish in areas we were reluctant to fish before .. underwater jungles, docks with tangles of steel cable and other obstructions and large rock and rubble fields just to name a few. Couple this with heavier and longer casting rods, heavier and tougher lines and , of course big fish, can put a jig hook under tremendous stress and torque. Adaptation is called for and using a heavy football or pitching hook is one of those. You can read more accounts of big fish in jungles in lakes like lake fork, and how to get them out and into the boat. This new jig line is one more adaptive "tool we can use".

If you want to try this out go to. www.jigs4bass.com and click on "Swim Jigs , BIG AND TOUGH!" and give them a try for $2.49 each. Six color patterns can be chosen from and I anticipate adding more. If you see a color pattern in a different jig line just drop me a note and we can add it.

Give them a try! Thanks, Michael www.jigs4bass.com

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