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NEW FROM: www.jigs4bass.com

Posted By: Michael

NEW FROM: www.jigs4bass.com - 01/20/17 07:36 AM

New color patterns from www.jigs4bass.com : Aaron 1 , Magic Craw , Rusty Craw

Also : Added some items to the "SPECIALS" section in the index.... The specials collection is a discounted offering of my "picture Jigs". What you see in the picture (number, color pattern, with or without weed guard, rattles and so on) is what you would receive for the listed price. Before I can put an item in my store I must make one, photograph it and then list it and this creates a back log of these "special items" and there is only one of each "SPECIAL". Take advantage of this special and group pricing.

AND : I have added a new index item, "BRAND NEW BAITS, COLOR PATTERNS": As I create and ad new patterns to my store I place them in the item index plus add them to this new index... this allows quick and easy access if you want to take a look at anything that has recently been added. These will be unlisted and replaced as items are avaialble.

Charge your purchases at www.jigs4bass.com to Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express in addition to PayPal and direct payment with money order or personal check. When you visit my store at www.jigs4bass.com take a minute and register….it will make your next order much easier. Thanks….Michael [Linked Image]
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