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Posted By: ajt

transducers - 06/06/11 05:21 PM

buying a new transducer for humminbird combo..bracket broke last week and lost it all. does anybody recommend a thru the hull or transom mounted transducer?
Posted By: Bo Patro

Re: transducers - 08/15/11 12:10 AM

Humminbird offers just the bracket for most xducers. I say transom since they are easier to service.
Posted By: pbmang

Re: transducers - 08/24/11 08:22 PM

The advantage to having the transducer in the hull is that you don't have to worry about breaking off in shallow water and it will also give you a better reading at higher speeds. Depending on your boat and where you fish, this may or may not be importanat. The down side is they can be a pain to mount, and shooting thru the hull of the boat may weaken your sonar returns (aka not as sensitive). A lot of bass fisherman run both.
Posted By: Bo Patro

Re: transducers - 08/25/11 03:13 AM

I still say transom mount it. They are cheaper and easier.
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