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Fishing near Casselberry

Posted By: KnuckleBob

Fishing near Casselberry - 04/03/13 02:04 AM

Hey everybody. I moved to Florida several months ago from Texas, where I did a ton of catfishing and some bass. Never fished saltwater and really wanna get into it, however, I know nothing about it and would like a little assistance. If anybody is willing to show me the ropes maybe I'd buy lunch or something. Or if anybody is interested in some company for freshwater fishing, I'm always up for some good bank fishing or I'd be willing to split boat fuel costs. (I do not have a boat). Hope to hear some feedback. Thanks

Posted By: KnuckleBob

Re: Fishing near Casselberry - 04/05/13 12:12 AM

Posted By: FloridaFishingFool

Re: Fishing near Casselberry - 11/18/16 01:23 PM

Guess this is not the most active forum, but I like it because it is for Florida only!

But yeah, Bob... I am near Casselberry and fish all over central Florida. Are you still around this forum and actively fishing? If so, let's do some fishing! I love the Winter Park chain of lakes near Casselberry. Bank fishing works too.

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