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Cant Catch any Bass!!!!! Plz Help!!!!

Posted By: AllAboutThatBass

Cant Catch any Bass!!!!! Plz Help!!!! - 06/16/15 10:51 PM

Ok, so ive gone to at least 5 or 6 lakes/ponds to bass fish at. Im using Culprit Worms 7'5 in Red Shad Color because i caught a couple bass at my friends with those, and i just cant seem to even get the slightest of bite. Ive also used tiny little fake blue gill lures which havent caught anything. In every one of these ponds im seeing bass jump and chase bait but im getting really frustrated that im spending all this time and not catching anything. Should i keep trying or get new baits? Also i just ordered mystery tackle box so ill be getting some lures through that!
Posted By: Seapro

Re: Cant Catch any Bass!!!!! Plz Help!!!! - 06/18/15 09:24 AM

If you see them schooling try a silver with a blue back rattle trap or a spinner bait. Shiners never fail
Posted By: AllAboutThatBass

Re: Cant Catch any Bass!!!!! Plz Help!!!! - 06/22/15 07:58 PM

I went out and got some tackle, Finesse worms, slow sink worms, creature bait, lizards, spinnerbait, and crankbait. Still i cant catch anything, not even a bite even tho i can see the fish, my local tackle shop keeps telling me to use live shiners but they are expensive and hard to deal with, and all i want is just to catch one bass on artificial just like every one does on you tube.
Posted By: Seapro

Re: Cant Catch any Bass!!!!! Plz Help!!!! - 06/23/15 11:38 PM

Stick of dynamite, its artificial or a cast net
Posted By: FFF Staff

Re: Cant Catch any Bass!!!!! Plz Help!!!! - 02/27/17 06:00 PM


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Posted By: StephenB

Re: Cant Catch any Bass!!!!! Plz Help!!!! - 03/01/17 12:49 AM

Fishing from boat or from bank?

What kind of gear? Spinning reel? Baitcasting reel? Closed face? What type of line? Braid or monofilament? What LB test?

How clear is the water you are fishing in? Any idea of the temperature?

Are you fishing in open water or around lots of cover like boat docks or tree stumps?

All these things make a difference in your approach. If you are just starting out, I would keep it simple and try throwing some cheap orange head roadrunners with chartreuse bodies with about 8 lb monofilament. Don't try to get fancy like the tournament guys you see on TV. You can buy a pack of the RR jig heads and a pack of the rubber bodies at wallmart and if you lose some, you won't really care because they were cheap compared to some high dollar lure. This will also give you more confidence to go ahead and throw that thing somewhere there is a risk of losing it. smile You can try other color combinations but that one seems to work best for me. White is next best.

edit: Just realized you said you can see the fish. If you are sure they are bass, then definitely low lb test low visibility monofilament and right after sunup or right before sundown will be best. Middle of the day is gonna suck. They can see you too and will not be interested in anything you throw at them.
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