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Goliath Grouper

Posted By: Keysguy

Goliath Grouper - 08/30/07 07:36 PM

Florida law states that it is unlawful to harvest, possess or land goliath grouper. Sounds like it would be difficult to get a world record with a fish caught in Florida. Not if you are Rebbeca Reynolds-Wright, IGFA Coordinator of World Records. She was awarded four world records (her husband got one also) for goliaths recently caught near Big Pine Key Florida. Using logic that would make Johny Cochran and O.J. Simpson proud, Jason Schratwieser, IGFA Diretor of Conservation decide that because the law did not specically say "caught" that catching them was O.K.. The law doesn't specifically say "speared", "killed" or "slaughtered" either ,but these action are clearly prohibited.
The Wrights caught, removed from the water, weighed, measured, and photographed these fish before releasing them. Documents on the FWC website clearly state these actions are illegal. Mr. Schratwieser dismisses these documents as "recent interpretations" of the law. He does say that now that the Wrights have their records, no more world record applications for goliath grouper will be accepted from Florida. Is that a rotten goliath grouper that I smell?
Posted By: FFF Staff

Re: Goliath Grouper - 08/31/07 01:54 AM

I read an article in Florida Fishing Weekly about the new interpretations of the law ... and you are right. Looks like you are not supposed to remove Jewfish from the water. Makes it pretty tough to log a record fish.

Judging from the numbers though, it looks like we may be getting close to the point where a limited harvest might be something on the horizon.
Posted By: Chasin Tails

Re: Goliath Grouper - 09/12/07 05:28 PM

most deff. we got this one off of bethel shoal. You could see them on the bottom it was so clear that day but youre right, my buddy matt hopped in the water to release the fish because of the law. Yes we did get the fish back down to the depths after a little struggle. [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: FFF Staff

Re: Goliath Grouper - 09/12/07 08:41 PM

Now that's some good C&R effort! Cool photos!
Posted By: capttim

Re: Goliath Grouper - 09/14/07 12:48 AM

That's some hard core fish reviving, GOOD STUFF!
Posted By: canada boy

Re: Goliath Grouper - 09/25/07 10:26 PM

nEW TO THE STATE NEVER heard of this fish until recently where would someone go to at least take on one of these beasts and what type of tackle would one use
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