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Aloha fish assassins

Posted By: Mike EpSesh

Aloha fish assassins - 03/19/10 01:52 AM

Aloha fish assassins. Mike EpSesh here, threading from my new USB iPad. It's my Thursday off from fishing. EpSesh really made it happen last night at Club Riot. Perchance a fine time for reflection...

Back in January, our state suffered a horrific freeze assault from the northern yankee winter. The fish kill made lots of fishing sessions go from epic to sauce in a matter of weeks. Armed with a professional Hollywood audial and visual crew and of course due to my extensive and unparalleled knowledge of every nook, bend and bay from Seattle all the way to the Keys, EpSesh was still able to put on a casting and hookset demonstration. I've become a master craftsman of the Ultimate Slam. Join me, while in the face of fish kills and barren flats, I show you how gamefish are no match for perfectly rigged presentations with style. EpSesh out.

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