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Hooked-Up Cooking Show

Posted By: stowaway

Hooked-Up Cooking Show - 02/23/08 02:13 PM

Are you ready for this? The good Capt. Larry the FishHawk had a plan. It was a fishy plan but a plan no less. He said son meet me at the station around 10am Friday and I will show you the good life. Well thats just what the kid and I did. The Capt. then took us on a ride on his magic carpet to find the goods for us to catch. The gear was planners and jig heads. The target was fat boy grouper for Pam to cook for all to see. Well we found those grouper and some big black drum to boot. Pam and the kid caught a bunch and a few were invited to dinner. Pam's big fish was 16 pounds and the kid found a 24 incher too. Then we started back to the barn when a sea of red came into view. What was it what could it be. Red fish ? No Sheep head ? No it was big black drum. As we caught a few for the camera we got a call from team UponTop and they wanted to play fishing for drum to. So for a while life was good and the fish were many. But time was getting late so Capt. FishHawk said we need to go so off we went. Back at the house Pam did her thing and made stuffed grouper for the camera. Check it out , The Hooked-Up Cooking Show is on the air. Youtube for this show I will try divx again tomorrow. cool


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