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What anchor?

Posted By: dorado

What anchor? - 04/28/07 01:53 PM

Anyone tried this anchor for wrecks?
Posted By: shadygradycapn

Re: What anchor? - 05/20/07 04:44 PM

Never tried it. I usually throw my spare anchor near wrecks and reefs in case I get hung up - I don't want to lose the primary anchor.
Posted By: N.T. Fiberglass

Re: What anchor? - 06/03/07 06:53 PM

Thanks for the link! I've got a 33 Donzi F33 that I will be putting on the water and need a wreck anchor. Still looking ofr a suitable anchor for reefs that isn't too big or bulky.

Posted By: CaptJoe Verdino

Re: What anchor? - 06/12/07 11:28 PM

I have that anchor and it works very well, mine is rated for a 24ft boat that I used to own and now I use it on a 28ft boat, it holds but not sure about a bigger boat. When it gets hung up you just pull your rode tight and drive forward slowly, you will feel it pop free. Then pull it up and bend the prongs back to the correct position and you are ready to go again. I use a swivel type anchor connector and just switch out depending on the type of bottom I'm fishing.
Posted By: Larry Bozka

Re: What anchor? - 07/28/07 10:29 PM

I've been using the Mighty Mite for years with my 21-foot Vision. It's great in the rocks. If it gets hung up super-tight, cleat the rope off the bow and kick the motor in reverse.

It is really handy when I am fishing a jetty and the wind is blowing away from the rocks. I chunk it right into the wall, let out line, and have yet to lose one when pulling out.

Even if you carry a Danforth everywhere you go, the Mighty Mite is, in my estimation, a must-have accessory ... particularly if you fish near rocks with any frequency.

Safe fishing and tight lines ...
Posted By: Rumblefish

Re: What anchor? - 08/04/07 12:59 AM

yup, they work pretty good. they also offer a weight that takes the place of a chain for it also.i havent tried that though.
i have thought of making some similar out of rebar.
Posted By: SteveOnLBI-NJ

Re: What anchor? - 09/23/07 04:42 PM

Guys use an anchor like this in the rocky Delaware river and on wrecks off of NJ. Usually home made out of rebar. Idea is that the rebar bend out if it gets really stuck and then you re-bend it.

I saw a plan in a fishing mag recently for making one, will try to look it up and post the info. I remember that it uses a center pipe with rebar welded to the outside and a center connector.
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